Architectural Panels

DeAmp panel sound absorbers are perfect for use in facilities with extensive use of glass, concrete and other hard surfaces. Our panels can be mounted directly on the wall, or in front of windows, pictures or light sources. It is also possible to print directly on the panels. DeAmp corner absorbers can be installed towards ceilings or walls and deliver excellent absorption performance compared to its limited size.

DeAmp glass

Unique Patented Technology

DeAmp’s technology was developed over 10 years of research at SINTEF and The Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The technology is based on the well-known acoustic principle Helmholtz resonator. DeAmp’s unique technology utilizes laser cut micro slits to perforate the surface.

When sound waves, defined as compressed air, hit the micro perforated surface an overpressure arises on the front of the panel. To equalize the pressure, the compressed air is forced through the micro slits, and viscous forces between the very narrow slit and the air causes friction. Hence the sound waves are absorbed and transformed into heat without use of any porous fiber materials.

The technology is internationally patented by DeAmp.


- Long product lifetime

- Unique patented technology

- Completely free of fibers and does not emit health impairing particles

- High acoustic performance

- Sound absorption properties can easily be adjusted

- No restrictions concerning moisture and the product is easily cleanable

- The absorbers can be transparent, printed on or delivered in a variety of colors

- No space requiring mineral wool means several hundred square meters can fit on one pallet when flat packed.