Industrial Applications


The Deamp micro slit technology is not only applicable to aesthetic architectural use, but also has properties for environments with special requirements for industrial sound absorbers having:


  • Long product life

  • Smooth surfaces drastically reducing particle build-up

  • Impact resistant sound absorbing surfaces

  • No moisture absorption or restriction and pressure washable surfaces

  • Low frequency noise absorption in low volume and tight spaces

  • Noise absorption peak tuned to machinery or room noise spectrum peaks with the help of our Winflag Deamp proprietary software

  • Hygienic and clean room surfaces with no emitted or absorbed particles

  • Heat resistant sound absorbing surfaces

  • Out door use for oil rig saline environments or traffic noise barrier or tunnel/underground installations

  • Vehicle engine compartment or occupant compartment noise absorption for automotive industry

  • No bacterial or fungal growth, food safe surfaces

  • Bacterial killing surfacetreatments

  • Detergent, disinfectant and soap washable sound absorbers

  • Clean, smooth surfaces with no dust accumulation