Technical Info


How we work:


We are experienced in working in the area between the Architect, Acoustician, Fire Engineer and various other experts in the field of construction and refurbishing. As we discovered a void in communication between the various areas of expertise we have developed an ability to gather information about building codes and required documentation for different continents. This to give the client the best knowledge base to decide for our products without any hesitation. 


Choosing Deamp should be the easy choice. 



To be able to provide your project realistic prices we need a minimum of information:

  • An estimated total area you need covered by sound absorbing panels (Example 50 square meters).

  • Panel size or sizes required. If you do not know this we will happily propose sizes that are suitable for the easiest installation and shipping. (Example 1200x 600mm panel size)

  • Panel finish (Example: Transparent, matte or coloured, RAL codes, material colour coldes or your print files). 

Additional recommended information: 

  • Floor and ceiling plans from architect

  • Window or façade drawings from vendor

  • Print files in pdf, ai or similar in high enough resolution to preserve print sharpness

  • Fire codes, acoustic data and requirements and general building codes for 

  • Required material (Example Steel, Aluminium, acrylic, PETG etc)

Should any information be unknown we would happily help with providing our insight and experience giving  you the right decisions for a long lasting installation according to building codes and area of use.  

We strive to provide quotes within 24 to 48 hours



Acoustic data

Our products are tested to ISO354 in certified conditions. Copies of the reports are available upon request.


We also offer custom simulations by our proprietary software for special circumstances where hitting problematic frequencies is required. 

Graphs and tables can be found at the bottom of this page



Fire rating & Material Data For Plastics And Metals

We offer full documentation of materials provided in US (UL94) and ISO data for your projects.  

Metals like Steel and Aluminium are typically class A - incombustible. For Offshore projects we provide full Achilles data, M501 System 6 surface data and full SMIR/SPIR documentation. 

Plastic Acrylic Panels: Class E

Plastic PETG Panels: Class B S1 - D0


Contact us for material data sheets


Hygienic data

Our products have achieved "Excellent" hygienic and cleaning ratings through extensive 3rd party testing.

The metal and acrylic panels were tested for durability through 200 cleaning cycles, cleanability tests (INSTA 800 & BM Dust Detector),  abrasion tests, moisture, microbial growth (TTC Agar) , mould growth, finger prints, Arizona dust (ISO 12103-1) and field tests in swimming pool areas. 

The full report is available upon inquiry.