Video Conference Rev 2

Deamp has become certified acoustic panel vendors for Cisco Webex

We are humbled and proud to learn that Deamp panels are recommended in the official acoustic guidelines for video conference rooms.

The 4 minute video above will give you a quick insight into the basics of what makes a video conference room function good in all aspects regarding sound.

A very good demo showcasing the difference in a good and bad sound video conference room starts at around 2:45, and obviously, the second room contains Deamp panels on the modular glass wall.

Over the years Cisco Systems became aware that glass walls in meeting rooms were increasing in use and essentially to be expected. This introduces surfaces that can reduce the speech intelligibility for meeting participants at both sides of a video conference session.

Transparent acoustic panels for glass areas

Covering a hard glass wall with transparent Deamp panels will make it into a large sound absorbing surface while still keeping its transparency. In addition we recommend slightly tilting the panels towards the rear of the room so they also break up flutter echoes often created by parallel hard surfaces.

To delve into the full guide you may click the external Cisco Webex link for the: The Room Preparation Guidelines 


How to install the panels?

Deamp panels for meeting rooms simply hang by wires or are fixed by stand-offs, or similar, to create a needed airspace of typically about 10cm (4") between the Deamp panel and the hard glass, wall or ceiling behind.

The panels should create a relatively continuous surface to function properly, but edges can be quite open and thus provide virtually no visible change to the openness of your room.


How to get a quote?

A very quick way is to provide us with the size of your room, an approximate area or the size of your glass areas or free areas where Deamp panels can be installed.

Photos, floor plans, wall elevations, sketches are also welcome and we will quickly be able to give you a quote for your needs and based on our room acoustics experience.

That's it!

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